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Monday, February 27, 2012


And here comes Monday knocking at our door.. I must say that snoozing is my favorite part of the morning lol I wonder sometimes the reason why I have an alarm because I snooze it for another 35 minutes because 30 is too short! Its crazy how im so sleepy but yet I can calculate like a champion! LOL Once I hear the bip sound of my coffee machine... I take a deep breath and strech as hard as I can..  As per Dr.Oz streching in the morning wakes you up.. didnt quite watch the show about it but overheard that while I was doing laundry... So as per Dr Oz a full strech it is every morning! =)

What a day today! I work at a call centre for an Benefit Insurance company! Never knew how people had so much time on their hands to call their insurance company.. I guess working there makes me realize that  I underestimate a lot of things... and that I would probably be one of those people calling in to verify coverage..etc..Coffee checked!Purse Checked! House Keys checked! winter coat,scarf,gloves and scarf on! Out of the door just in time to get to work at 8am!
Our computers at work always reboots itself on Friday night so they can do all their updates..
By the time all of my systems are up, email checked and follow up looked over.. here goes the first call.. second call..third call.. fourth call... by the time first my breaks catches up I realised that I haven't taken a sip out of my coffee ( working hard :) of course )... and its cold by now... Thank you work for having FREE coffee!! Love my coffee in the morning.. My early day boost! lol And back to my calls...

Will left today for another 4 days of hard work.. He had to take the projector with him today because he needed it for one of his shows.. He felt so bad taking this away because our TV broke down.. I'm so thankful for my laptop :) It breaks my heart to see him go. every time..but I know that he has to work but when he comes back we are all over each other.. and we enjoy every minute so we don't regret not enjoying our time when he is here.. Today exceptionally he left in the afternoon so we were able to have lunch together... It was so nice to be able to have lunch with him and talk about everything and nothing :)
He dropped me at work and off the road he went..He had a 3 hrs car ride to get to his event today.. I guess the music I added on the usb key was all downloaded into the car hard drive.. He wasn't bored im sure! Love our new car..!

As for me I finished work at 4pm.. came home weird thing is that I felt like I had so much energy to clean the place up and start emptying my storage room to finally pack up some boxes for our new home.. But I completely gave up today just by looking at it! Yes, my laziness overcame me... so I decided to cook up something to eat instead... Healthy and Quick.. (cant stay longer than 20 mins in a kitchen)..I don't like to cook :) Believe it or Not..

I had some smoked salmon leftovers and some fresh romaine salad that I bought at Costco..
Mixed all of it together and added some cherry tomatoes.. Raspberry Vinegar salad and pepper! Yum! So refreshing!! Loved it!! and had some breton crackers on the side to hold me until tonight!
Didn't make anything too filling.. the bad thing about it is that I won't have any leftover for work tomorrow.. I might just go for salad and a can of flavoured tuna..! quick and 5 mins saved for myself tomorrow morning ;)

My plan for tomorrow is to definitely start cleaning this storage room! I know I can do it! lol

So here you go guys, I hope you all had a good day :) xo

Have a good Night and Back to you tomorrow xoxo Night Night

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