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Hi guys, Im Aurélie a 24 year old woman that always wanted to write her own blog and here I am =) I hope you guys really like it **

Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st post =)

Here I am sitting on my bed, writing my first blog... I am excited but yet nervous, I guess this is a normal feeling.
I always wanted to write my own blog and here I am YAY :)
This weekend was a great weekend, Hubby came back Thursday afternoon after a week being away from home..He is such a hard worker and never complains even when he is sick :) I couldn't ask for better
That morning I woke up at 6am mind you my alarm is at 6.30 I guess i was overly excited for the day to be over so I could be with him!!! 

Couldn't even describe the warm feeling I had when I saw him :) Even after almost 5 years of being together, every day/minute/seconds feels amazing!! We still enjoy to spend time together and even though we fight like normal couples we still are so much in love with each other!! I am a lucky girl.

Groceries/Laundry/Cleaning Checked! Our tv broke down on us couple weeks ago and before we buy a new one we decided to put a projector in our room, which I think is a perfect idea but hubby doesnt agree with me :) wonder why...
So we decided to rent Earth since we saw Ocean last weekend on tv, and I absolutely love this movie, our planet is so beautiful!! After watching this movie,  it made me realize a lot of things and I am going to start recycling,cleaning with non harmful product.. Making small changes one step at a time!

This weekend went by way to fast... and tomorrow is already Monday! Hubby is leaving again for 4 days... He is just amazing at his job and I know that if he had a choice he would stay here with me :) Lol Enough talk about him

Starting tomorrow its our 3 months count down! We baught a house and we are moving cities into our new place in May!
After throwing the tv out today, I have so much space to pack..! Can't wait! I am going to start little by little enough time to pack and get prepared..We are also getting our dog back( toutou) , we left him with my parents about a year ago to move into this appartment so we could save enough money to buy our place..We also added a new addition to our family we got a kitten in November so I hope that it wouldn'T be a problem with the big dog lol trying to read up on how to introduce them both... This is going to be fun! =)

Looking at the clock and its already 10.40pn... tick..tock..tick...tock... Can't forget to put my alarm tomorrow!

I forgot the feeling of writting, love it!!I'll alk to you guys tomorrow, have to be up early xoxo

I also added some pictures below ..Enjoy -Bonsoir*

us both

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