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Hi guys, Im Aurélie a 24 year old woman that always wanted to write her own blog and here I am =) I hope you guys really like it **

Friday, June 15, 2012

Journal Day 3

Today we are staying at sea as we are travelling to Kusadasi, Turkey.We had a good night sleep and we were full energy! As the Captain said in the morning:* We can be as active or laid-back as we want from sunrise to sunset *

Waking up to our balcony curtain waving the warm Mediterranean breeze inside our bedroom is definitely breath-taking, We quickly got up and showered. It did take me a while to find the switch for the hot water, I don't like my showers warm I like then HOT! At around 10:30am we went upstairs to the 11th floor for a quick breakfast before planning our day.

Anyway we found two lounging chairs by the adult pool in the sun and grabbed a few towels to throw on them. I quickly ordered the drink of the day Azul Margarita made with Gold margarita,sweet&sour and blue caracao. Yum! Drinking at 11am lol oh what the hell it's my vacation! Yolo

We both relaxed by the pool for 4 hours and I finished my Fifty Shades of Grey book. Once you're into it it's not that bad. I was a bit disappointed in the beginning as everyone was making a big fuss about it and yes I did buy the second one lol What can I say you do silly things on vacation haha

We both felt asleep and woke up at around 5pm, since our dinner was prescheduled at 6pm we went to our room to get ready and off we were to dinner! We wanted to book a massage in the evening but it was way to expensive (50mins for $199) so we went up to the deck and enjoyed the jacuzzi for a bit.

After this amazing relaxing day we decided to relax and stay in our cabin for the night. We then decided to prepare our excursions in Kusadasi, Turkey. The question is do we want to sign up with the boat or go and explore on our own. Stay tune*

Thursday, June 14, 2012

journal day 2

Our first night was a total success I absolutely had so much fun! I did have a nap in the afternoon to catch up on the time! Woke up at 9ish pm to a very nice organize closet and living space! Hubby woke up before me and was bored. I then quickly changed to go out. We stopped by this Latin bar( balero) had a few drinks. I've been  Hooked on this amazing mango daiquirï and hubby took his regular grey goose soda. There was some really good dancers on the dance floors. I honestly didn't have the guts to do the same they were too good for me! We walked around stopped at the casino and then ended at the nightclub (the dungeon) where we had an AMAZING time on the dance floor!
( I guess a few drinks did help ) :)

We danced for a good two hours non stop and then went to our room to bed. ( workout of the day )
Waking up to a nice beach breeze coming from our balcony door! Oh I love vacation! I instantly woke up aroun 8am our time but then realize that it was 2am where we were( Italy time) so I forced myself back to bed.
Woke up at 9am Italy time and looked out the balcony and saw that we were almost at our destination! We Arrived in Messina!!!! It's such a beautiful city and beautiful view!
We didn't book anything with the cruise so we had  time to get ready! We then headed to the morning buffet and had a few bites! There were plenty of  option to choose from.There was English breakfast, continental breakfast, hot & cold breakfast and a lot more!

After this delicious breakfast we got ready and headed in the city! Messina is a small city, but has so many beautiful monuments and history to it! We didn't take part of the cruise package and decided to explore the city on our own. As soon as we got out of the cruise line exit door there was A LOT of street vendors that were trying to sell anything even water bottles for 3euros!! Hubby and I were more looking to taste the food and coffee and we saw a cute shop off by the beautiful Santa Maria church where we stopped for bite. I had a slushy/gelato citron ( I honestly don't remember how they call it ) hubby had a coffee more like an expression and we both chose to have a canolo.

We then decided to walk around the cities and opted to go on a horse carriage to visit the part that we didn't see. It was a pretty tour and our guide didn't speak a word of english so that was fun trying to communicate and understand each other. After our ride we decided it was time to go back to the boat as we were exausted! We went straight to our room and changed into our bathing gears and went to the jacuzzi. I honestly loved the pool/jacuzzi time! This meant relaxing time! Since I started fifty shades of grey I wanted to finish it. It's not the best book ever but now I'm into it the plot I have to finish the other two books!

That beautiful ended with a nice dinner where we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We were surprised by the staff by getting the honey mooners table to watch the sunset and also got a free dessert as a complimentary gift and we ended up on the dancefloor until 2 am to party up!

Stay tune for day 3 xoxo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

journal day 1 part 2

Since I wasn't able to sleep more than 1hour straight on the plane I thought why not write my blog?

I had a coffee after my dinner tonight and didn't want to take the sleeping pill, thinking of it right now I regret not taking it. On our way back that would be one of the option for sure!
Hubby did fall asleep but I had to use the bathroom so he had to Get up and now he felt asleep on my lap :)
Our flight is a 8hour flight directly to Rome and at the moment we only have 2h18min left which is not bad at all considering that we're closer to destination.

When we were checking our luggage the lady told us that we wouldn't have to worry and go pick it up and that it would be directly sent to our cruise ship. Honestly I've been thinking about it all night ( wait its day time in Italy so its technically morning) lol and we were not prepared and did not put any our names nor our boarding information and only ha what the travel agency gave us.

This is the  number UNO on my list once were landed.
Second I'm going to get us a very strong cappuccino lol to shake us up a bit! And then head off to find our transfer. We paid extra to make sure that we would get on the cruise ship before 5pm since we're landing there at 1pm! ( it's a bit tight) so if there is any delay (the driver/ company we booked thought our travel agency ) will make sure that we get there on time If not send us on a flight to be at the next port on time!
Ok sweets I'm going to try to close my eyes and visualize our trip! :)
Like I said to hubby couldn't be more happier to be traveling with him!

Xoxo stay tune

journal day 1

And..... there we were all packed and ready to go! His aunt was so nice and gave us a ride to the airport (about 45mins)! Since I was little I wanted to be a flight attendant but was scared to fly! Ask me why and honestly cannot answer that question.
We both had one luggage and a carry on plus hubby's backpack. I had trouble keeping under 50lbs! First try was at 56.3lbs , second at 53.2lbs and finally the last and final try was at 49.2lbs! This was a definite challenge for a girl to bring enough clothes, make up, night/dressy clothing, day time clothes, bikinis,make up, hair products, sport gear,shoes and some accessories. Hubby had this funny face when he saw the 56.3lbs and I knew that I had to do something about it! Lol
After all this chaos and preparation we were out of the door at 4pm and at the airport at 4:45ish. We were very early and couldn't check in 4 hours before our flight ( 6:45pm) so we relaxed at a bar and both had a bloody Caesar! We all know that a vacation start with alcoholic beverage LOL :)
We then passed the gates and stopped at the duty free shop. Hubby got himself a smokes carton and I got myself a nice Clinique lipstick pen . We walked around as It was my first time at the Montreal international airport. It was a very big,nice, easy to find anything and I love the fact that there was a washroom at every 2/3 gates.

I did prepare myself for the flight an even bought sleeping pills in case I would be extremely anxious but my goal was to relax and take it it easy. I do have to say that I was tearing as we were taking off and hubby fingers must've been blue from me holding it so tight! lol It did take about a complete hour unlock my seat belt and be able to relax. I realize that:

A. I'm not a fond a turbulence at ALL
B. I don't like being in the air
C. I am just not a fan of planes

All I kept thinking was us on the boat in a 30 degree weather and enjoying ourselves on the boat without anything to worry about other than simple enjoy every moment of the cruise as its a lifetime trip!
This did help me feel better every-time we would be in a turbulence zone.
As for tonight there is no more diet as I'm on vacation but I do want to watch what I'm eating :)
We both shared a Doritos bag and sipped on a a vitamin drink.
We were offered a warm meal ( fettuccuni Alfredo with a glass of white wine and that ended with a good cup of coffee!

Ok bloggers I'm off to read my self' magazine and listened to some relaxing/spa  music.

trying to smile LOL


Friday, June 1, 2012

Network is off

TGIF to everyone!!

Hubby is home today!! He got here early morning!! I am so happy and excited!!! Yay! We had our coffee together and he took a Nap for a few hours in the morning! He had such a long week and really needed to rest!
While he was sleeping I was able to finish off the Laundry and clean up the house a bit before we focus of our finalizing our packing and trip!

Once thing I love about our new home is my shower! Lol funny right? I'm obsessed with the steam option and the glass doors!!! I make sure to clean the glasses every 3 days. I cannot stand the stains or water dripping on the doors! OCD much? lol

Shower and bathtub are clean
Washer and Dryer are clean
Floors are clean
house windows are sparkly :)
Dishes are done and put away

Nothing better that when you're back from a nice vacation that your house is clean!than having your house clean!

Also today is my sisters prom!!! Although I wasn't with her she and I texted in the morning and when she was getting ready! Like I told her this is  the third best day of her life after getting married and having babies :) and that she needed to enjoy it and not let anybody ruin her mood! She is such a good kid and deserves to have a good time with her friends!!

I also want to let you know that I won't be blogging while I'll be away on vacation, I won't have access to a computer nor a wifi connection! I will miss blogging everyday but I will take A LOT OF PICTURES for you guys xoxo =)

Magazines check for the flight       and       some jewellery for the cruise :)

Happy 86th Birthday Marylin Monroe xoxo

Have a good weekend and a good week ahead xoxo

Thursday, May 31, 2012

vacation mode

I don't know if you guys go through the same thing but my kitty wakes me up everyday at 5am!!!I don't know why but he does everything to annoy me and get my attention! It's been happening all week so this morning I tried another tactics I simply went and took him from biting/ruining my couch lol and brought him to bed with me and pet him and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! We were able to sleep until 10am! I finally slept without any interruption!! YAY
Anyways, all I've been thinking, dreaming, talking about is my upcoming vacation!!! In the beginning  of this year we were talking about taking a well deserved vacation this year! Never thought that we would be going on a cruise!!!!!! Let alone a Mediterranean cruise!!! We wanted to visit Italy and then the agent talked us into taking a cruise for the same about of money!!! I honestly am very excited and can't wait to be on vacation!!! In 2 days we are officially on vacation!!!

Beginning of the week I made a to do list and as you can see below I'm pretty much done most of it

Run EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK - ALMOST THERE (but mostly walking instead of running)
Empty most of the boxes - CHECK
Unpack all of our clothes  - CHECK
Make homemade hummus :) CHECK
Do my hair and some other TLC GETTING IT DONE TODAY
Get my nails filled - HAVE TO FIND A LOCAL NAIL SALON ( tomorrow)
Pack for our trip-  I PACKED MYSELF SO FAR ( waiting for hubbys suitcase)

Here is my new hair I hope you guys like it!
I didn't want it to be too short but when she was done the base it didn't look so bad and I was like what the heck might as well if I want a change! lol

Im gonna go off and make some pesto pasta since I only had some homemade buckwheat crepes this morning with a light nutella spread on it! ( I only have 2)


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

beach weather

Alarm didn't ring today andI was surprised woke up at 10:30am!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when saw thetime on my phone! It's been so long since I had a good night sleep where Islept until late! Can'tremember when?!

Loving this early beachhumid weather!! I blasted some music and then cleaned up the suitcases and starting packing!! I literally counted my bikins and  I have 14 sets! Good thing right I should have enough for my vacation?! lol This will be kept a secret from my hubby! lol (wonder why lol )

I booked a hair appointment for tomorrow! I'm not too sure of the style I wanna go for but I'm sure they'll figure it out! I never leave a salon disappointed! I also have to stop and pick up some last minute bathroom toiletteries!

-water spray
-head band
-nail polish remover
-hubby's smokes
-I'm sure that there are a lot more stuff that I'm forgetting right now!

Tonight I'm staying light on food and I'm going to stick to a watermelon/strawberries smoothie!

I decided to relax this afternoon and take a bath! I never took a bath at 5pm!! Lol keep calm and take a bath anyone? I miss going to work! I must say that! ( and I think you guys can tell )

Hubby is coming back in 2 days! I cant wait! I miss him dearly!!

Have a good evening everyone!