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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mardi night

Jour J -1! Tomorrow my hubby gets back home! yay so happy!!! =) So after my post yesterday night I ended staying up until past 12 yesterday.. Can't seem to be able to sleep without him.. I'm just use to have someone beside me to cuddle, kick ( I swear I don't do it often lol) and keep me warm.
Tomorrow night Im going to be having dinner with someone  :) Yay! Also I honestly couldn't stop watching this youtube account Katheats I love her blogs and her youtube page ( just found out she had one !) You guys should definately check it out- she is amazing!

So I created myself a Twitter account yesterday (ms_lilie) and at first I do admit that it was confusing and tricky to know what to click to get to a certain page .. but it's just like Facebook you figure it out..
I figured that I would show my blog on it so people could read it up.. I am a very shy person and is scared to get bad comments or reviews just like anybody else... But I need to start somewhere right :)
Everyday I'm excited to come home and write up my blog, I'm such a nerd lol :) But I always loved English class especially the part where we had to sit and just let our imagination take on and write...write..write...Sometimes focusing and thinking about what to write isnt that good because it feels fake; I mean don't get me wrong we have to focus but I rather dont think and let my mind speak for itself.. It's my way to express myself.. Drawing and Writing were always my thing..! I just didnt trust myself enough to take it on.

So as I mentionned in my last blog, I promised myself  that I would tackle on my storage room! After a deep breath, I started to take out the unused boxes.. Opened a few and threw out some of the stuff that I didnt use for more than one year! Feels good to clean, I use to say that cleaning was for old people.. I guess I'm one of them!
If my house isn't clean, I can't function right! Like my mother use to always say.. If you dont feel like cleaning at least make your bed! It will help you room/house look much better..
Mothers are always right! 

After unpacking and cleaning a bit, I decided to cook sometthing, yesterday I watched this video about this sardine salad and really wanted to give it a try after so many years of not eating it.. I use to eat sardine when I was smaller but never was brave enough to eat it on my own.. So I went to the grocery store to pick up a can and also needed to grab some cat food.. I must say that I was scared opening this can, scared of the smell??wasnt clean??looked gross??Too messy??Eyes on it?? ( I know "Ew")  After opening the can, it did have a strong fish smell I mean sardine is fish so its normal.. I was thankful that there was no eyes and it was pretty clean, took them about and crushed them into pieces after taking out the bone in the middle of all separate pieces, added some romaine salad, cherry tomatoes,sald,pepper and some mango spicy chutney Yum!! It was delicious & very filling! If i can do it anyone can! lol trust me on that one :)

Tonight I'm going to take it easy, had a really busy day at work.. Here in Quebec Spring break started already ( last week of February and First week of March) , so people are home and have time to give us a ring to finalized their check list.. I must say that I like it to be busy so the day goes by really fast! Can't complain :) So I decided that tonight I would relax and catch up on shows online and maybe fold some laundry later on...I'll talk to you guys tomorrow kisses*

I hope that everyone is having a good week so far and tomorrow is Hump day ( Wednesday ) xoxo

Good night and Sweet Dreams Everyone xoxo

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