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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

journal day 1 part 2

Since I wasn't able to sleep more than 1hour straight on the plane I thought why not write my blog?

I had a coffee after my dinner tonight and didn't want to take the sleeping pill, thinking of it right now I regret not taking it. On our way back that would be one of the option for sure!
Hubby did fall asleep but I had to use the bathroom so he had to Get up and now he felt asleep on my lap :)
Our flight is a 8hour flight directly to Rome and at the moment we only have 2h18min left which is not bad at all considering that we're closer to destination.

When we were checking our luggage the lady told us that we wouldn't have to worry and go pick it up and that it would be directly sent to our cruise ship. Honestly I've been thinking about it all night ( wait its day time in Italy so its technically morning) lol and we were not prepared and did not put any our names nor our boarding information and only ha what the travel agency gave us.

This is the  number UNO on my list once were landed.
Second I'm going to get us a very strong cappuccino lol to shake us up a bit! And then head off to find our transfer. We paid extra to make sure that we would get on the cruise ship before 5pm since we're landing there at 1pm! ( it's a bit tight) so if there is any delay (the driver/ company we booked thought our travel agency ) will make sure that we get there on time If not send us on a flight to be at the next port on time!
Ok sweets I'm going to try to close my eyes and visualize our trip! :)
Like I said to hubby couldn't be more happier to be traveling with him!

Xoxo stay tune

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