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Friday, June 15, 2012

Journal Day 3

Today we are staying at sea as we are travelling to Kusadasi, Turkey.We had a good night sleep and we were full energy! As the Captain said in the morning:* We can be as active or laid-back as we want from sunrise to sunset *

Waking up to our balcony curtain waving the warm Mediterranean breeze inside our bedroom is definitely breath-taking, We quickly got up and showered. It did take me a while to find the switch for the hot water, I don't like my showers warm I like then HOT! At around 10:30am we went upstairs to the 11th floor for a quick breakfast before planning our day.

Anyway we found two lounging chairs by the adult pool in the sun and grabbed a few towels to throw on them. I quickly ordered the drink of the day Azul Margarita made with Gold margarita,sweet&sour and blue caracao. Yum! Drinking at 11am lol oh what the hell it's my vacation! Yolo

We both relaxed by the pool for 4 hours and I finished my Fifty Shades of Grey book. Once you're into it it's not that bad. I was a bit disappointed in the beginning as everyone was making a big fuss about it and yes I did buy the second one lol What can I say you do silly things on vacation haha

We both felt asleep and woke up at around 5pm, since our dinner was prescheduled at 6pm we went to our room to get ready and off we were to dinner! We wanted to book a massage in the evening but it was way to expensive (50mins for $199) so we went up to the deck and enjoyed the jacuzzi for a bit.

After this amazing relaxing day we decided to relax and stay in our cabin for the night. We then decided to prepare our excursions in Kusadasi, Turkey. The question is do we want to sign up with the boat or go and explore on our own. Stay tune*

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