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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

journal day 1

And..... there we were all packed and ready to go! His aunt was so nice and gave us a ride to the airport (about 45mins)! Since I was little I wanted to be a flight attendant but was scared to fly! Ask me why and honestly cannot answer that question.
We both had one luggage and a carry on plus hubby's backpack. I had trouble keeping under 50lbs! First try was at 56.3lbs , second at 53.2lbs and finally the last and final try was at 49.2lbs! This was a definite challenge for a girl to bring enough clothes, make up, night/dressy clothing, day time clothes, bikinis,make up, hair products, sport gear,shoes and some accessories. Hubby had this funny face when he saw the 56.3lbs and I knew that I had to do something about it! Lol
After all this chaos and preparation we were out of the door at 4pm and at the airport at 4:45ish. We were very early and couldn't check in 4 hours before our flight ( 6:45pm) so we relaxed at a bar and both had a bloody Caesar! We all know that a vacation start with alcoholic beverage LOL :)
We then passed the gates and stopped at the duty free shop. Hubby got himself a smokes carton and I got myself a nice Clinique lipstick pen . We walked around as It was my first time at the Montreal international airport. It was a very big,nice, easy to find anything and I love the fact that there was a washroom at every 2/3 gates.

I did prepare myself for the flight an even bought sleeping pills in case I would be extremely anxious but my goal was to relax and take it it easy. I do have to say that I was tearing as we were taking off and hubby fingers must've been blue from me holding it so tight! lol It did take about a complete hour unlock my seat belt and be able to relax. I realize that:

A. I'm not a fond a turbulence at ALL
B. I don't like being in the air
C. I am just not a fan of planes

All I kept thinking was us on the boat in a 30 degree weather and enjoying ourselves on the boat without anything to worry about other than simple enjoy every moment of the cruise as its a lifetime trip!
This did help me feel better every-time we would be in a turbulence zone.
As for tonight there is no more diet as I'm on vacation but I do want to watch what I'm eating :)
We both shared a Doritos bag and sipped on a a vitamin drink.
We were offered a warm meal ( fettuccuni Alfredo with a glass of white wine and that ended with a good cup of coffee!

Ok bloggers I'm off to read my self' magazine and listened to some relaxing/spa  music.

trying to smile LOL


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