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Friday, June 1, 2012

Network is off

TGIF to everyone!!

Hubby is home today!! He got here early morning!! I am so happy and excited!!! Yay! We had our coffee together and he took a Nap for a few hours in the morning! He had such a long week and really needed to rest!
While he was sleeping I was able to finish off the Laundry and clean up the house a bit before we focus of our finalizing our packing and trip!

Once thing I love about our new home is my shower! Lol funny right? I'm obsessed with the steam option and the glass doors!!! I make sure to clean the glasses every 3 days. I cannot stand the stains or water dripping on the doors! OCD much? lol

Shower and bathtub are clean
Washer and Dryer are clean
Floors are clean
house windows are sparkly :)
Dishes are done and put away

Nothing better that when you're back from a nice vacation that your house is clean!than having your house clean!

Also today is my sisters prom!!! Although I wasn't with her she and I texted in the morning and when she was getting ready! Like I told her this is  the third best day of her life after getting married and having babies :) and that she needed to enjoy it and not let anybody ruin her mood! She is such a good kid and deserves to have a good time with her friends!!

I also want to let you know that I won't be blogging while I'll be away on vacation, I won't have access to a computer nor a wifi connection! I will miss blogging everyday but I will take A LOT OF PICTURES for you guys xoxo =)

Magazines check for the flight       and       some jewellery for the cruise :)

Happy 86th Birthday Marylin Monroe xoxo

Have a good weekend and a good week ahead xoxo

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