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Thursday, May 31, 2012

vacation mode

I don't know if you guys go through the same thing but my kitty wakes me up everyday at 5am!!!I don't know why but he does everything to annoy me and get my attention! It's been happening all week so this morning I tried another tactics I simply went and took him from biting/ruining my couch lol and brought him to bed with me and pet him and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! We were able to sleep until 10am! I finally slept without any interruption!! YAY
Anyways, all I've been thinking, dreaming, talking about is my upcoming vacation!!! In the beginning  of this year we were talking about taking a well deserved vacation this year! Never thought that we would be going on a cruise!!!!!! Let alone a Mediterranean cruise!!! We wanted to visit Italy and then the agent talked us into taking a cruise for the same about of money!!! I honestly am very excited and can't wait to be on vacation!!! In 2 days we are officially on vacation!!!

Beginning of the week I made a to do list and as you can see below I'm pretty much done most of it

Run EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK - ALMOST THERE (but mostly walking instead of running)
Empty most of the boxes - CHECK
Unpack all of our clothes  - CHECK
Make homemade hummus :) CHECK
Do my hair and some other TLC GETTING IT DONE TODAY
Get my nails filled - HAVE TO FIND A LOCAL NAIL SALON ( tomorrow)
Pack for our trip-  I PACKED MYSELF SO FAR ( waiting for hubbys suitcase)

Here is my new hair I hope you guys like it!
I didn't want it to be too short but when she was done the base it didn't look so bad and I was like what the heck might as well if I want a change! lol

Im gonna go off and make some pesto pasta since I only had some homemade buckwheat crepes this morning with a light nutella spread on it! ( I only have 2)


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