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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

beach weather

Alarm didn't ring today andI was surprised woke up at 10:30am!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when saw thetime on my phone! It's been so long since I had a good night sleep where Islept until late! Can'tremember when?!

Loving this early beachhumid weather!! I blasted some music and then cleaned up the suitcases and starting packing!! I literally counted my bikins and  I have 14 sets! Good thing right I should have enough for my vacation?! lol This will be kept a secret from my hubby! lol (wonder why lol )

I booked a hair appointment for tomorrow! I'm not too sure of the style I wanna go for but I'm sure they'll figure it out! I never leave a salon disappointed! I also have to stop and pick up some last minute bathroom toiletteries!

-water spray
-head band
-nail polish remover
-hubby's smokes
-I'm sure that there are a lot more stuff that I'm forgetting right now!

Tonight I'm staying light on food and I'm going to stick to a watermelon/strawberries smoothie!

I decided to relax this afternoon and take a bath! I never took a bath at 5pm!! Lol keep calm and take a bath anyone? I miss going to work! I must say that! ( and I think you guys can tell )

Hubby is coming back in 2 days! I cant wait! I miss him dearly!!

Have a good evening everyone!

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