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Monday, May 7, 2012

20+ weather

Summer breeze is on the forecast for today!!! Love it!!

I keep having weird dreams lately and always wake up a few times at night to realize that it's too early to get up and then end up being a bit late lol

Breakfast was a medium size banana today with 2 cups of coffee! I did bring a fibre bar as a mid morning snack in case I got hungry before lunch!

Since hubby is home this week we had lunch together!!!!:))))) and had the roasted beef left overs with a side of corn and palms of heart!

I didn't snack on anything in the afternoon and only sipped on crystal clear iced tea!

Tonight's menu was really good! We stopped by a local bakery and picked up fresh pasta with a fresh spicy spaghetti sauce!! Delicious!!!

I hope everyone had a good Monday!! Xoxo

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