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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home sweet home

So sorry for this "very late" blog!
Phew I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to take a minute and sit so I could write my blog. Right now I must say that I am enjoying a well deserved bath to myself! Hubby was so kind and offered to set it up for me :) I'm so lucky!

Moving was a LONG day filled with joy, excitement, nervousness and just glad it's almost over! My alarm rang at 5:30 and we got ready so quick that we had enough time to go and grab a coffee!
The movers came at around 7am and we were on the road at 9am!!

Hubby and I had an arrangement where I closed the door and he would lock it! 3 years of life wrapped in a second action!
There was a accident on the highway that delayed us about 30 mins but we managed to arrive safe and sound at our place! This being our 4th move ( 4th?? I know right? ) we decided that we would hire movers! They were professionals and "fast" with a few mishaps ( washer fell in the truck )!!!
We did install it right away and was glad when it worked fine! They were done at around 3pm and that's when we started unpacking...

The next 3 hours we just unpacked..and unpacked..unpacked util 6ish... His aunt did come by to help us wish was VERY helpful!

5am to 6pm Is a long day! His aunt went home and we finished few more boxes then showered and headed out to pick up something to eat and milk for the next day since we dint have anything in our fridge and didn't have enough energy to fill up our fridge... But we were able to do a quick one today and I have to say that I was AMAZED by all the different variety that the store had! I checked every single isle lol poor hubby!
I guess living in the suburbs for 3 years did have some disadvantage.. lol

I must add that our neighborhood is pretty nice 😜 I absolutely love it!

As for today I'm gonna take a bath and pass out lol!

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