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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good changes

What a weekend! Such beautiful weather and good company!

Non stop sunshine and not a touch of rain! Can I say that I regretted throwing our my old fans!! Lol
When we started packing I didn't know what to do with them so we put them out beside the garbage and I think someone picked them up! I am glad that it didn't go to waste.

Hubby is working in town this week, even tho we don't have lunch together he at least comes home to me at night :) makes my hearts melt!

We woke up at 6:30 this morning because he was driving me to work this morning before going to work.
Ironically we packed all of our mugs and forgot that we still had about a week to go in this house LOL!
So Tim hortons it was this morning!
Medium, 1 milk and a cream cheese bagel!

I didn't prepare anything for lunch and went to a friend after I picked up a garden soup and one cup of rice from the cafeteria! I'm going to miss this place! ( even tho I don't really buy the food but they do have good and healthy choices)

3 years ago I was worried..scared..and not in control about my life as it was unorganized.. Here we are three years from then moving again! Grasping life and giving it another shot!
Just recently I've made some serious decision that may affect me in the future right now they are what I'm living by and like we always say live your life with no regrets right?!

I've been non stop packing..I've realized that I'm a neat freak and I like it when when It's very organized! So it's taking a long time to finish packing this crazy house! :) haha

Dinner tonight was a total fail...I gave in and ordered a medium cheese and pepperoni pizza and I has a glass of really cold orange fanta! I sipped on water all night though.

I want to thank my friend for helping me pack tonight! She left the gym without showering to help me and I didn't have to beg her lol

Sorry for not posting lately, life can't get hectic sometimes ;)

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