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Friday, May 18, 2012


Omg time I going by so fast!!! This time next week we will be in our new place!!! I honestly can't wait!!😜

I am sure you guys notice that I was able to add smiley faces to my app!! I found this amazing emoji application on the app store and I must say that it is genius!! I love it! The instructions are easy to follow and it's FREE😝 haha
I totally recommend it!

We went to bed late yesterday since I was setting up my new laptop and transferring my old documents on my new laptop! it's a HP beatbox laptop!
I honestly was expecting flowers when he said he has a surprise for me and this totally blew my expectations!!!! LOL 😉 I wish he took a picture of my reaction! Priceless!! I do feel spoiled at times but i wasn't having a good week and he totally flipped it around #iknowexcuses ❔❕

I woke up earlier and decided to make him breakfast in bed this morning! He had such a hard week and worked closed to 50 hours in 4 days!! 😲

Breakfast menu:

Poached eggs
Orange juice ( freshly made this morning)

Ain't I a good wifey?! 😍 haha!

We have a lot of errands today! I hope we can finalise everything this weekend because the moving countdown has started!!! -6 days!! Oh my word ( omg in south Africa ) 😜

Since we had a big breakfast we were full until late afternoon though we snacked on a can of hearts of palm around 5ish!

My parents in law were here today, we were so busy and totally forgot that they were coming to town for a night today! Must be the move.. We're loosing our mind haha!!

So we went to this well known French restaurant called café du monde! This is the second beat restaurant that we've been to in the last three years! Good service, good food, and nice environment! If you guys decide to come to Quebec city as a trip, you seriously need to stop there and have a little extra budget... But the food is worth it trust me!

It's almost 1am and I'm going to shower and crash cause we're waking up early tomorrow to brunch with the beau parents before they head out!


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