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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Recently I realized that when I am in a stressful moment I tend to pick up a broom and start cleaning the house! Am I crazy? I really enjoy cleaning!  I won't question myself as long as my house stays clean haha!

Cook: Getting better at it
Dust: Loving everymoment of it
wash: Can't get enough of my washer&dryer

I don't get this weather?! It's 20+ degrees but yet its so dark out like a strom would hit us at any moment..Sun come back please!!?

One of my friend is going through a rough patch and needed some TLC so we took her out for lunch but ended up at this pho me place :( ( the one hubby and I went last time ) I had the same thing but did not drink the soup and ordered 2 spring rolls with the pho me which i only ate the rice noodle and the little bit of meat they added... I usually love Pho me soups but this one isnt the best at all...

Anyways I sipped on jasmin organic tea all afternoon and made sure I drank my 2 fullglass of water ( I sorted cheated and added some crystal light iced tea flavor )
I am still full from lunch so I won't be having anything else tonight and just sip on tea or iced water...

I have a few stuff to pack from the storage room and organized the boxes and I should be done really soon :) In literally 1 1/2 weeks we're moving!!! YAY

Have a good Tuesday everyone!! xoxo

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