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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sun is smiling

Love it when it's pretty out! Makes me happy and smiley!

Omg today is the last Friday that I will be at work after today it's going I go by quick!

Monday: works is closed 😉
Tuesday and Wednesday: working😌
Thursday: finalise everything 👍

Omg I remember telling you guys that we bought a house and when we went to pick up our keys! Seems like it was yesterday... Time went by so fast!

Breakfast was boring this morning I still was a banana smoothie but can't find my blender! ( I did look for it but can't find it )!! we are way to organise! Lol so instead of my dreamy smoothie I sliced a banana and added some almond butter all over it and a sprinkle of chia seeds 😜wasn't bad at all!

I didn't bring any mid morning snack but sipped on water all morning! Trying to stick to a 3-4 cups of water a day! So far so good! I did Cheat and add some crystal light iced tea flavour to trick my mind into thinking that I am drinking juice ☺

Lunch was fresh and quick! Since we don't have anything left groceries wise hubby stopped at Tim Hortons and picked up a egg salad sandwich for me and a ham and cheese sandwich for him! He also added two small iced cappuccino which was so refreshing!!

Tonight we're having steak and salad! I am really looking forward to it! I missed hubby's food! 🍓

Hubby surprised me with a laptop yesterday! I swear what would I do without him! 😜 he is just the best !❤

Xoxo going to clean my old laptop xoxo


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