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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coffee smell*

good morning everybody! The sun is shining and the birds are singing! Perfect weather for a run today!

We left Montreal today to go to our "apartment" and next time we'll be back it would be for good! :)
I promised myself that today would be crucial to stick to my low carb and low calorie diet!! I have a trip in less than a month for now and I need to look hot an healthy!! No bloating, no selling for a bite, no nothing! Strict strict and STRICT!!!!!!!!

Breaksfats was coffee made at his grandma this morning and since I wasn't hungry at all I didn't have anything on the side...

I also wanted to try this vegan restaurant but I wanted to have dinner there but we were there around brunch time and only opted for a mango lass which was amazing and so tasty!!!!
I promised hubby if he was still hungry we would go eat somewhere else! lol
So we went to this québécois restaurant and had a typical montreal breakfast!! I totally forgot to take a picture :( I took a western omelette ( ham and onions )and a side of white toast, homemade baked beans and 2 cups of coffee!! Yum!

After that we left and headed home to our secondary home! Once I got home I had the rest of the watermelon and watched my last episode of drop dead diva :( !!! We then showered and headed out to the movies to watch avengers... We were 3 hours ahead!!!!

No dinner for me tonight as I'm still full from breakfast!!!! But I did get a medi coffee to keep me awake until the movie (22h45)!!

Have a good night everyone!! :))

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