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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Drum roll...we are officially home owners!!!! I wasn't able to sleep well yesterday and I kept waking up almost every hour! this new habit that really needs to stop!

Alarm rang at 6:25am and we had an 8am appointment to go and sign the final papers! ( so many forms and agreement to sign..it's crazy ) anyway after we signed we headed to our now called HOME and hubby surprised me and picked me up to go inside for the first time!!!! Such a romantic I love him!! We accomplished a lot since we met each other ( 5 years ago ) and there is a lot more good things to come for us both!

Diet today? Sorry I didn't hear? Eating healthy totally out of the window today!!!( needs up break this HABIT!! )
We went to five guys and had a "small" hamburger lol and a side of fries!! This was the BEST hamburger that I've ever had!! After our quick lunch stop we headed downtown an decided to walk around.. Now that the house trips and house stress is over we have a trip to prepare for!
I stopped by h&m and bought 2 bikinis then dropped by forever21 and bought 2 nice dresses, a flower skirt and a cute white short and finally I've been wanting to buy make up for a long time but didn't have time for it! I was happy to complete my shopping day by buying 1 Mac bronzer and a Mac powder!

We went to an Arabic restaurant and had a really good dinner! if I start to count my calories oh boy I think I'm gonna seriously have a hart attack.. The only bad thing about not eating well today is that my tummy is not used to eat these greasy,spicy,fried and so delicious kind of food! lol

Anyways I'm off to my book (50 shades of grey) and will most likely go to bed very soon! Xoxo

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