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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot and steamy weather?

Miss you Summer!! Can you come faster!?

Woke up to birdies singing to me this morning!! :) Had my cup of coffee and today I sticked to black coffee! no milk , no sugar and no cream! plain black!

Wanted something juicy and sugary this morning so I opted for fresh diced watermelon!! This was my breakfast and mid morning snack!

Lunch was my very famous tuna salad lol :) some of my girlfriends ordered sushi today and let me tell you it was very hard to say no thank you and sticked to my salad! But I did it! And I very proud of it! feels good to make good choices for you!
I also had a bit more than a half avocado for lunch as my dessert! We bought these avocado at Costco and seriously they are so and so creamy!! Yum!!!

Again my goal this week is to drink a lot of water!! and it's working! I also added a bit of crystal light nestea in my iced water! So good and very tasty an keep In mind that it's very low in sugar and calories!!

Dinner was a can of hearts of palms with a slice of pizza..(didn't want to throw it out)!! Lol but I swear it's a very tiny slice!

Hubby is coming home tonight!!yay
I in the middle of laundry and cleaning up my closet since we are leaving to Montreal tomorrow night and signing our house papers this Friday!!!!!!! YAYYAYAYAYAYAY :) excited much?

Ok lovers I'm off to my housewife duties xoxo

Ciao ciao*

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