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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Technically my hump day*

Morning everyone!!

Going to bed late is never a good things! I was so tired but yet I couldn't fall asleep so my cousin and I texted until 2am...

Hubby's phone call woke me up this morning!! Love the sound of his voice in the morning especially if he isn't home :) 2 more days I can do this!!!

breakfast this morning was again my quick and easy fibre bar!! (100 calories) and I had a cup of coffee before heading out! I must say that the coffee smell did help this morning lol!!!

Today my goal is to drink A LOT of water!!! About 2L!!! I can do it!!

Mid day snack was a handful of roasted almond that I stole from my friends desk!!! So good! And there were unsalted!!!

Dinner tonight is 1 small cheese/pepperoni pizza and a big spinach salad

I hope everyone had a good day xoxo

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