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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unpacking your life*

Sometimes life takes you to the craziest places ever! (and love also):)
Hubby is gone for another week and I'm home by myself with my to do list!

My week list:

Empty most of the boxes
Unpack all of our clothes (almost done)
Make homemade hummus :)
Do my hair and some other TLC
Get my nails filled
Pack for our trip
There are a few more that I need to add but I'm hopefully going to finish them tonight before going to bed!

Today was filled with laundry, some more unpacking, playing with kitty and helping hubby pack! I took a one hour nap this afternoon which was well deserved and needed! My fuel is back up now so I'll be fine for couple more hours of unpacking!

This week the blog will be about my move and not too much detailing on my nutrition! But I am still eating healthy!

I'm gonna head to take a bath and prepare my homemade mask :)


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