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Thursday, May 10, 2012


When is the sun? It's so dark out!!
I am in total withdrawal :( I need my sun back!

Sorry for the no blog post yesterday guys...I was working a late shift and got home around 8:30 and wet straight to bed I was SO exausted!!!!wonder why?

Thank god I set up the coffee maker before going to bed because the strong smell helped this morning!
Didn't have time to grab a cup at home but made a to go mug! I also brought a banana and fibre bar just in case I'll be hungry!

I am on a mission today to change our address to the new one! I was debating wether to set up a account with post canada or change all of the addresses myself! I opted to do it myself since its free of charge and post Canada charges $60!

Lunch was so good and full of protein! Hubby made me a 5ounce steak and he has one too with a cucumber salad and a chatini! Yum! Filled me up all afternoon!

After work we went to our travel agency and finalized everything and picked up our paper work! Yay 24 days and were on vacation!!

hubby and I shared a small POUTINE with a hot dog each! oh so delicious!

I hope to wake up with some sun tomorrow!!! So I can go for a quick run!!

Have a goodnight everyone!

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