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Friday, May 11, 2012

C'est vendredi!!

Strong coffee for a strong lady!? Have you ever heard of this saying!? Probably not I just made it up! :)

Woke up dreaming that I was with my cousin who I consider as a sister back where she lives ( Reunion Island ) and we were visiting! ohh what a bummer to wake up to reality!

23 more days and hubby and I will be on vacation!! Mediterranean cruise in the horizon!!! Can't wait!!!

breakfast was simple and strong ;)
Banana / fibre bar and coffee!!

No mid day snack other than another cup of coffee ( decaf )...

Wonton soup for lunch...it's been a while since hubby and I had that! I had a salty craving today and added a hearts of palm can!

Tim hortons Egg salad sandwich tonight!! Yum! And thats where my night ends... :) il sip on tea if I get hungry

Have a good Friday night xoxo

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