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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi everyone!!

There are going to be some changes around the blog! I've been debating for a whole wether to continue with this blog or sign up to another one!
Ive heard about foodbuzz and decided to check it out!
I was very please with what I saw an read there! So I decided to sign up an start blogging! I will keep both blog right now and will decide later if I will end this one or not...

This blog is my baby and helped me with my weight loss diet! But again changes are always positive and good :)

Anyway if you guys wants to check it out I'm under Lalil :)
( I mistakenly added a l after Lali)

I woke up 15 later than my alarm! I honestly kept snoozing and ran out of bed to get ready! While preparing the coffee this morning ( forgot to do it at night ) I realized that I forgot my coffee mugs at work!!! So I decided to be creative cause there was no way that I would miss my morning coffee!! I grabbed a fibre bar and out of the door we were!

Since hubby is home we are going to have lunch together! Since we are Emptying everything in our fridge we have no meat left and hubby decided to go to this phö me place! It's a vietnamese soup with rice noodle and meat! I have to say that everytime I eat there I don't feel good I don't know if it's an excess of garlic or the MSG powder! And that left me sipping on a hot chamomile tea! poor tummy!!! :(

Tonight we driving to get our house keys tomorrow!!!!! YAY!
It's always challenging when I'm away from home! But since my tummy isn't feeling alright at all I'm going to stick with tea maybe have a black iced tea from Starbucks!

I hope everyone had a good Thursday? ( Friday for me ) xoxox

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