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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunny wind

Good morning everyone!

I hope you guys are having a good Monday!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday! I was packing all day with hubby and didn't feel good at night! I had extremely painful pain in my mid section so it was an early night with a hot bottle on my tummy and 2 Advils!

I won't even describe what I ate yesterday because I wasn't really paying attention at all to my calories and indulge everything!!

So today is my start over day/month of may! I did weight myself and gained 2lbs! oh boy... But that's not that bad I can loose this 2 lbs quickly!

Breakfast this morning was coffee and fibre bar! The usual ;)

Mid day snack was 2 cups of coffee somehow I was very sleepy this morning and opted for coffee instead of a snack! lol

Lunch was spaghetti sauce over 2 handful of spinach and a side of hearts of palm!! Yum <3

Since hubby is not home this week dinner is going to be easy an quick!!
Chicken noodle soup it is! And a side of 100 calorie popcorn!! :)))) yum!!!

I hope everyone had a good Monday!! Xoxo

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