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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birds are singing it must be hump day

Didn't sleep alright yesterday night.. I kept waking up at night... So weird!
I even had My nighttime neo citron before going to bed... Hopefully won't be the same today!

Breakfast was again nothing special today..I started to cough this morning and that's not a good sign! I immediately took a buckleys daytime pill for cold/flu, and drank some hot coffee, I then had a Greek vanilla yogurt with some chia seeds on it!
Wasn't hungry anyway...

I packed my lunch and got my purse ready for my "sick" day at work..

-eucalyptus oil

Luckily I didn't need All the these and ended up just using the Kleenex and halls... Didn't Want to open the eucalyptus oil bottle a work, it's pretty strong! ( I have to respect my neighbors ) lol

Lunch was at a friends house I had about 5/6 romaine leaf with my favorite flavored tuna can ( garlic and hot pepper) with 1cup of hearts of pa and 1teaspoon of chia seeds! it was very good and really what I needed!


After work we stopped by the bakery ( I got a drive home from my friend ) and I got a few items which weren't needed but had to have them if you know what I mean LOL!

  •  a snack size nougat ( Its been so long since I had those)
  • tomato paste in a tub
  • sliced mozzarella
  • egg bread
  • cheese bread ( small one)
  • pesto paste
All that came up tp $21 which wasn't that bad..Because it was a fresh bun I decided to have 2 thin slices and add 1/2 teaspoon of butter for both slices and some mozzarella cheese on it with some very hot Jasmin tea! Half way through the second slice I was full! I don't want to force myself to eat the full slice because I felt a bit nauseous...

PJ's check...Socks check..Sweater check..Hair braided check..Hot tea check..Netflix here I come..I think tonight is going to be an early night for me..
Mika is about to fall asleep and I am about to do the same..

Good night everyone xoxo

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