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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Papers signed!

Bonjour tous le monde!!!

Drum roll...WE SIGNED THE PAPERS!!!! :) now we have the final paper to sign and were moving! The feeling you get when you sign this your life away LOL! Priceless
couldn't be more proud of us!!!! :)

we also had an appointment with the moving company to give them our deposit for the move!

Since we were downtown we stopped at forever21, I bought a dress online but took the Large and when I tried it on it was way to big around my mid section! So I am happily going to exchange it or find something that fits perfectly! Lol can't still believe I fit in a medium :))))

We also stopped at my favorite smoked meat restaurant and had a real Montreal smoked meat!! Yum! We walked a lot today ( as per my pedometer ) so why not?
This is the best smoked meat place I've ever been too! If you guys are looking for a good smoked meat place you have to go to *le roi du smoked meat* I always have a medium smoked meat sandwich with fries and a pickle on the side!

After that we shopped around for furnitures and looked around for house stuff! Right now our main focus are custom made blinds!! I hope we'll get a good deal!!

Snack was my fibre bar since I was too nervous this morning and only had a coffee.. Love having chocolate when I know I'm within my calorie log !

Sadly I went back go my old log application..I was used to it and learning a new app isn't on my list right now lol

Had a late carb macaroni dinner tonight! It was really good but oh boy!!! Workout workout and more workout on my mind!!!

Have a good evening!!!


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