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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day -1!!!

The feeling I have when I wake up with hubby!! Indescribable!!!

Today is day-1!! Tomorrow we are signing our before last paper for the house! We are moving in less than a month and we are almost ready! Our packing is moving along!

* we get to see our place tomorrow again *

I wanted to point out something about this Blogger app! It's a very convenient app and you can add videos/pictures on them! Love it! The cons are that I can't add color and change my font!

Breakfast this morning was my famous caramel/chocolate fibre bar and some strong coffee to wake me up!

Mid day snack was a snack size tapioca with chia seeds sprinkled on it!

Lunch was with hubby today :D yay*
Had a tuna flavored can on a organic rice cracker! Delicious!! On the side I had a avocado & tomato salad with salt and pepper! A quick and healthy lunch!

Mid afternoon snack was a cup of jasmine tea and a handful of gluten free pretzels! I needed something to hold me until tonight dinner since we were leaving to Montreal!

I also packed some healthy food choices for breakfast because it's the only meal that I can't figure out to be healthy when I'm away from home!
Fibre bars is it and some chia seeds!

Bags are packed and we are ready to take on the road!!!

We stopped at Tim Hortons on the way there and picked up 2 ham sandwiches for hubby and I and a coffee each!
Dessert was 2 chocolate timbits each!
Tim Hortons is very quick and fresh! Love it!

Hve a good night everyone!!! Xoxo

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