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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 5 of my marathon training

Hubby left today for another crazy week! Hate to see him leave but I know he would stay if he could!

Breakfast this morning fibre bar! Missed them in the morning! Feels like its been a while since I had them last! Woke up 30 mins before my shift started!
Unfortunately I worked today!( yeah I know sucks right?! ) but it wasn't busy at all and I was able to leave early (11am). I got a lot I things done concerning our move! Days are going by so quickly and I honestly can't believe that we will be moving in our new place soon!!!
Yesterday I cleaned up 2 rooms ( laundry and bathroom) threw out what is not needed and did my gave away pile! I honestly feel much better and finally breath? lol I know I'm a clean freak..
Rather it be clean than messy Right?

Since hubby is not here I can't get myself to the gym so I decided to work out at home..One of my workout buddy sent me this insanity work out!! IT'S A KILLAHH!!!
I almost puked my guts out and I thought that my cardio was fine! Yeah right!! lol
I need to keep it up everyday!

I honestly find it really hard to motivate myself to get up and workout ..I know that it will be worth it and I already see the difference but it's the getting up to do it that I find hard. I am going to look up some workout motivator podcast on Itunes! I am sure that it will be a plus to have it!

Lunch today was subway I was so hungry and had a 12inch steak and cheese sub...total of 720kcal!! OH BOY.. This was a VERY high calorie lunch but we were in a rush and couldn't think of anything healthy around! I promised myself that starting tomorrow I will watch everything that I will put in my mouth! ( I gained 2lbs) - My goal this week is to loose these 2lbs and more if I can!

Since hubby is gone for the week I might just run/walk home if it's nice!!

Other than that I am not hungry since I had a pretty big lunch so I will stick with my famous green tea and catch up on some shows on Netflix. xoxo

I hope you guys had a good Monday! :)


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