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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hung over.

4 week day ahead, we can do it! =)

We got home at 3am this morning! My plan yesterday night was to stick to my 3 coors light (103perbottle) entered in my log but I ended up having another one! Now mind you that I don't drink alcohol and that when I do it's a mix drink that doesn't taste like alcohol! ( meaning that it has a low percentage of alcohol in it). Back a couple years ago, hubby and I planned a nice birthday club night out for me... We had the limo, the V.I.P booth in a nice club and all my friends..!! Let me tell u... I will not go in details but all I can say is that I ended up at his place ( back then we didn't live together) under the blanket with a BIG glass of water and advils beside the night table at midnight!
I felt so bad the next day because we had everything planned out, booked and spent a lot of money for my birthday party! Since that day I can't and drink tequila.... lol I never was a big fan of alcohol so I just stopped drinking alcohol and sticked to my glass of water.. And this is why I feel like I feel today.. 4 beers was def too much for me , I am light headed today and know that I am dehydrated and I have a glass/bottle of water with me at all times..

I put my alarm at 8am this morning before we left to the club yesterday because I had a skype date with my fave cousin! Just love her! I was 3 hours late!!! Lol I really couldn't get up at 8 I was exhausted! She is so understanding love her! ( did I already mentioned that ;) ). Everytime I talk to her she makes me feel better and I am ALWAYS in a good mood after talking to her!
One thing I wanted to talk about today is that I realized that when I was looking for the famous chia seeds, I had a really hard time finding a medium size package for a good price.. Today we stopped at Homesense and found the perfect medium size chia seeds package!! It was the same size that I baught earlier on but for $7 cheaper! Homesense sells it for $7.99! I def recommend this to anyone..
I also was amazing with all the gluten free goodies they had! I got myself some gluten free pretzels for $4.99 and the best part of it is thats it's 40 pretzels for 190kcal.Can't wait to try it!

 Hubby had planned another surprise today! We went for a nice  1 hour walk to this beautiful outdoor place! We were lucky and saw some ducks on our trail!
I can't wait for summer, my goal is to be outside every weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

We got home at around 4ish and since I promised myself that I would clean up the house, I went straight to the laundry room and started a load of laundry, then went to clean the bathroom and ended up in our bedroom! I finally tackled this messy closet and reorganized everything! I can finally breath! Cleaning does make me feel better! I also packed away the clothes that don't fit, don't wear and winter gears!

Tonight hubby is making on of my favorite meal, roast beef with his own gravy I am so lucky to have a amazing cook at home :)

I hope you guys had a good Sunday!


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