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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Montréal la ville de la lumière*

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So sorry about not posting anything yesterday, my day was very very very busy.. Won't happen again I promise! :)

Boy Can I say that I already love my new place and the city where we are moving, we went in to sign some paperwork and meet with our designer :) Even talking about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy**

We also celebrated hubbys aunt birthday and got her a big cream cheese cake (oh my) and like I previously wrote we ordered Chinese food.. man…man..man… can't seem to eat right when I'm not home! It's so hard.. But Since I didn't have a big breakfast in the morning and just an egg salad sandwich I guess this time was fine!

April 17th 2012

Beautiful day outside!!! 31 degrees all day!! Can you believe it!!!
I promised myself last year that I will not complain when we have a nice weather because when winter comes along its just way to cold my little body!

Breakfast was coffee and half of a Tim Hortons egg salad sandwich. I had an appointment downtown and was there for the whole afternoon! Once it was done I was seriously hungry lol and If you guys haven't heard about the Montreal traffic Oh boy!!! Took us about 30 mins to get downtown with the crazy traffic!! Insane..
We went to my favourite Mexican restaurant *3 Amigos * the best Mexican Restaurant in Montréal and very affordable! We were able to sit down and enjoy our meal and get back on the road after traffic hours! We got back home at around midnight and went to bed 30 min later..


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