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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I feel out of the weather today! Nose is red as the a clowns nose and kleenex boxes everywhere! I am still going to win this cold fight! Not giving up!

Again this morning I forced myself to eat something consistent because I'm taking this strong medicine so I had a slice of egg bread with a got black coffee cup! Anything warm will do for me right now..!

I haven't worked out and I feel blah! I can barely walk up the stairs (4 floors) at work without catching my breath, I want this cold to go away!!!Hubby is back tomorrow that will be a bonus and he will for sure make me feel better and we'll be able to go and workout together! I can't wait !! xox

Lunch was very simple I brought some salad and tuna but since I can't taste anything I just had 1 cup of chicken noodle soup at my friends house! She was kind enough to let me take her soup :) I also had a cheese stick on the side and some Jasmin tea!

I munched on strawberries that I sliced up this morning and added some chia seeds on it to keep me full!This was actually a winner and made me feel better! Love fruits!!

Le diner ce soir is vegetable soup (knorr) It's very good and has a good taste to it!With a slice of cheese bread which I added some warm butter to it!

I'm probably going to bed early today and watch some netflix and sleep my cold/flu away!



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