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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Late morning call*

Somehow yesterday I wasn't able to close my eyes early even though we were in bed at around 9pm!!
After tossing around a million times I finally decided to close my eyes and count sheeps!!

Breakfast was around lunch time and I had a coffee with 2 eggs Benedictines and a light chia seeds sprinkle...

Hubby and I got ready and headed to the grocery store #daily routine and picked up what we needed only! We are focusing on emptying our fridge as much as possible before moving so we will have less to carry since its a 3 hour drive from where we reside now!

Grocery list:

-romaine salad
- coriander
- kale salad
- chilli peppers
-fruits ( watermelon )
-virgin Cesar mix

We stop to finalize a few things for the move!! We are so excited and so ready to move in our new place...

Missed my favorite cousin this morning on Skype!!Skype date tomorrow for sure!

We ate the macaroni left overs for lunch and we settled for some black tortilla with a side of guacamole and spicy salsa (homemade)

Back to some more packing xoxo

Have a good night Everyone!

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