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Friday, April 13, 2012

C'est Vendredit!!

Felt nice to wake up in the morning and able to breath through my nose! lol This medicine is working!!Yes!!!! I'm a fighter :) (knock on wood)

Breakfast was again the egg bun leftover with some brown sugar on it ( 1/4 teaspoon) and a cup of coffee! I didn't have any more milk at home so I had black coffee!!  I took the time to sit down and finish my coffee while looking at the birdies with my kitty in the backyard!! Love to hear them it bring summer to my heart!! :) ( I know so cheesy*)

Its Friday the 13th today.. I don't believe in it one bit! It's just a regular day like the other ones and Hubby is coming back today!! I can't wait to be with him!! He is suppose to be here late afternoon..
So my plan for today will be to go home clean up a bit and get ready for a jog outside? or a power walk!
It will help me get back in the game for my marathon training plus I can't stay at home with this beautiful weather!!! Hubby got my one of the those Iphone/Ipod holders for my jog.. I was scared to buy it at first because I read some reviews that the product would fall out of it and never stay in especially for long runs..Since I have it I've used it about 3 times and I absolutely love it!! I love the fact that I can still use the touch screen with the protector on!!
Lunch today was at my friends house, she made a sweet potato soup ( with ginger,hot pepper and carrot ) it was very good and really tasty! Since I'm sick I rather eat soup cause it feels nice instead of having a big lunch! Again I didn't finish my bowl but at least I had something consistent...
We also walked to her place and walked back to work! It was a bit windy but felt really good to be outside! In total we walked about 30 mins at and walked at a pretty good pace!

Hubby was here at the end of my shift!! It felt good to see him at home with me :)
Since he went to bed late yesterday and I'm still sick so we decided to take a nap for a few hours and get back up for dinner later or warm up something easy in the fridge and go for a nice walk! It's beautiful out*

I hope you guys had a good (day before the weekend )Friday xoxo!!


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