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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday today?

I forgot I changed my alarm ring tone and totally jumped out of bed this morning.. I am sure I would've won the big prize on Funniest video if that was videotaped lol!

I had a pleasant surprise today when I tried my jeans this morning.. They were suddenly big on me!!
I just bought them!! I couldn't believe it!  ( I kept thanking myself for buying a few belt over the weekend) This is exactly what I need to keep motivating myself and continue to work hard! My goal is almost completed I need to pull this last stretch!

I remember when I started on this journey on January 1st of this year, all I kept telling myself is that one morning I will wake up and be able to try my old clothes on and really see the difference form my old body and that then it would've been all worth it!! And I can tell you it is!!!

*If I can do it Anyone can do it*

I wasn't too hungry this morning so breakfast was simple and I had some strawberries with chia seeds sprinkled all over it (2 teaspoons) about 120kcal with some black coffee no sugar..

I didn't have a in between snack.. I dont find myself hungry lately my throat is hurting but I am not letting it take over! I had some jasmin tea at work and had a halls!

Lunch was fun today two of my girlfriend came over for lunch..I had a big salad with a light kraft dressing ( Light italian dressing ) with a side of smoked salmon (220kcal) total and half of an avocado! Love avocados but they are so high in calories!!

My snack today was my little fizzy suckers, they are so good and a kick of energy!

Le souper ce soir is ..roll drum... my favorite Chicken & Coriander wonton soup! I really didn't want to eat anything else other than soup.. I also made some organic green tea to sip on! I did add some chia seeds in my soup to keep me full until tomorrow morning since I didn't eat a lot today!

I tried to add all the pictures tonight into one and the resolution got all screwed up! So sorry guys!


Back to my 90210 netflix tv shows and my neo citron xoxo

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