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Sunday, April 22, 2012

DAY -4

Helloooo Monday!

Day-4 for our weekend trip to Montreal! We are signed the before final paper this Friday! We are beyond excited!!!How am I suppose to focus @ work this week? Lol

Breakfast this morning was fast an filling! I had breakfast at work with my coffee mug and 100kcal fibre bar! These little things are filling and unlike the other ones very tasty! ( peanut butter and chocolate ) if there's chocolate I'm there! lol

Mid day snack was tapioca and one teaspoon of chia seeds all over it! Yum

Lunch was very simple! I had a tuna can ( garlic and hot pepper ) with a romaine salad! I added a few cherry tomatoes and half a avocado!

Mid afternoon snack is other avocado half!

Spinning after work! Goal check! I was planning of doing some yoga but spinning is better!!

Dinner is 3 thin slices of pepperoni pizza on whole wheat! It's been so long and with every bite!

Hope you guys had a good Monday!

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