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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pouring rain*

TGif everyone!!!

Love it when it's raining perfect day to get back in the gym and reboost myself!! I got the new Jillian Michael podcast that I haven't listened to yet and I got my gym bag ready in the morning!!

I also signed up on Peertrainer & calorie counter ( livestrong ) which I found amazing!!! Everyday I get a motivational email to push myself an keep my diet where it's suppose to be!! Today I made a 7 day goal to focus on my lifestyle (diet)!!
Somehow my new calorie counter put me at 1212kcal a day! The goo thing about counting your calories is that you can eat whatever you want but on a budget and I leaned to eat smaller portion! Even though I make myself a big plate I can't finish my plate I finally know how to recognize when I'm full!!!! Yay!!!

Breakfast this Morning juicy!! One medium orange and sprinkled 1 tablespoon of chia seed all over it, fibre caramel (100kcal) granola bar and 2 cups of coffee!!

In between I had my g2 blueberry juice that I bought yesterday at the grocery store...about 46 kcal and very tasty I miss drinking juice!! I am still looking for a low sugar,low calorie juice and I haven't found anything yet so all I allow myself to drink is water and low calorie Gatorade!

Lunch was warm for this rainy day today! Wonton soup with Bok choy added to it! I didn't have anymore cilantro anymore which sucked because I love the Taste of it! Hubby also warned up a 2ounce burger (leftover from yesterdays dinner) which was good!

I snacked on my friends snack on my late break she brought cucumber with salt and pepper from home! Had about 1/4 just to fill me up before the gym!

My goal today is gym gym gym!!! I'm still sick coughing, runny nose, headache but I'm going to the gym!!!
Did I say I was going to the gym? Lol

30 mins of incline power walk, I couldn't stay in the elliptical today I was coughing way to much and my gym pants kept falling off!! Lol

Tonight we decided to stay home since I have to wake up early for spinning tomorrow morning and Skype date early after my class!

We decided to make rice spring rolls for dinner....
I had about 3 small ones and hubby had 3 mediums! Yum*

Here Is the recipe:

1 rice paper
Homemade salmon tartare
Spinach noodles

It is so delicious and filling!!

We also stopped at the liquor store and got some sake for hubby and picked up a skinny girl margarita!
This drink is absolutely amazing! It is so low in calories and has a good taste to it! Summer is gonna be good for me ;)!! Also I saw that she has a skinny girl wine line which will be amazing! Can't wait for it to come out in Quebec!

This afternoon Hubby accidentally stepped on my laptop screen today and it's not working anymore... I had an android tablet that I never use and now I have to figure it out! Such a sad day! Si weird how we get attach to electronics?! This time I'm going to use what I have and wait to get invest into a good laptop for my birthday (october) gives me enough time to save the cash for it too!

Anyways my darlings I'm off to bed alarm is set for 7:30am for my spinning class!

Good night!

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