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Monday, April 16, 2012

Half Day

Woke up at 6am this morning and got ready for work! I am going in for 3 hours and then off to Montreal! for a day and a half!

Breakfast was yucky this morning..I attempted to boil some eggs in a rush and it I happen not to leave it in for long so the yolk wasn't eatable ( hate it when it's runny ) so I ended up just eating the white and had a cup of coffee! On my way out to work I grabbed a 100kcal fibre bar just in case I got hungry!

Mid morning snack was a cup f decaffeinated coffee.. I didn't have time to eat anything in between my calls!

Hubby picked me up at 11am and we went home and got our stuff ready for Montreal and were out of the door at noon! Not bad!

We picked up lunch on our way..Tim Hortons was the easiest no fat added lunch!
Me: egg salad sandwich, 3 strawberries timbits and half of hubby's iced cappuccino
Hubby: ham&swiss sandwich,3 strawberries timbits and half of a small iced cappuccino.
This was a really good and healthy lunch but boy that was high on calories! (690kcal)
I think I'm gonna go for a run once we get to Montreal! lol more like a I WILL!

We are going to stay at his grandmas for a night until we get back home!
She is so funny and we just love spending time with her! Can't wait to be move in our home already so we can be close to family!!

My mid day snack was the new iced lemonade from Tim Hortons and the cheapest slushy I've ever bought! $0.99 for a small that ended filling me up all the way trough dinner!

Dinner is at his aunts tonight, we are ordering Chinese and we brought some red wine ( Beaujolais village ) -my fave-!!

I hope you guys had a good Monday!!


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