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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dimanche Eh Hop!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Got a lot of things done yesterday night and today! We went on a crazy cleaning rampage!! lol We got about half of our place packed in boxes and some of it in the garbage bin! My motto is that if I haven't used nor seen it in a year it goes directly to the garbage bin without thinking! I can't emotionally attached myself to furniture's or objects if not I wouldn't be able to walk throughout the house lol

Woke a bit late today and had a skype day with my favorite cousin of all times!!We then went to get some stuff for our trip to Montreal this week! We got home late afternoon and we relaxed a bit.. The weather is so beautiful, we opened up all of the windows and the door to let the fresh summer breeze in the house!

I still feel a bit sick and I still can't work out... :( So sad.. I did gain 2lbs and Right now I have another 15-20lbs to loose before our big trip!! I recently created an account on Netflix and I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED with Lipstick Jungle!!!! ( Even tho there is only 2 seasons.. which makes me sad when I think about it )

Breakfast this morning was very simple.. Had about 3 cups of coffee with a Montreal bagel and some light cream cheese that I bought at this cute bakery -Les petits oignons- Hubby had 2 cups of coffee with a Smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel! Yum!

Lunch villa medina shish taouk plate minus the potatoes... and Hubby was craving  KFC so he had a small french fries and popcorn chicken with a side of gravy!

To be honest we had lunch around 3pm and I wasn't hungry... Hubby bought these Chinese rice noodles that he wanted to make for the longest time.. He decided to make them today with some soy sauce, hoisin sauce, ginger, coriander, thin slices of lean red meat , bok choy and broccoli! I had a bite of it but didn't have a plate of my own cause I was still full from lunch!

We are going to focus on the packing and I've got some laundry to do for the week!

I hope you guys had a great weekend xoxoxo


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