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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snow in April?

Woke up this morning to some snow on the ground..thankfully the rained washed it off by the afternoon! Snow in April?

Breakfast was good and warm for this cold weather! Hot oats!! It's been a long time! Hubby had homemade croissant with cream cheese and one of those delicious smoked sausage!

Since my laptop broke down I use the Blogger app to write my blogs! Very easy to use! Which I had more options but I'm fine with it!

Lunch was half of a German spicy hot dog from the marché! Sorry guys I had my phone in the car ( it needed to charge )!

Hubby left this evening for work and is coming back later this week so dinner is going to be plain and simple! Lol
Since its cold outside I'm going to settle for wonton soup! It's my favorite!

Now going back to pack some more...

Have a good Sunday! Xoxo

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