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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 4 marathon training*

Hunger games yesterday was awesome!!! A bit long but good!

Yea it's Friday today ( really just Thursday) and we have a Long weekend!Well deserved!

Gym gym and gym! This is the perfect time to work out and catch up on my training! I found this great marathon app that's helps you train! I'll give it a try!

Breakfast this morning was Tim hortons coffee and a vanilla yogurt brought from home with chia seeds aall over it! Hubby had a meeting at 8am so we woke up early and rushed out at 7:15am! I was able to clean up my desk and focus on the blog..Like I said I am going to change the look and the post a bit to focus a bit more on my workouts and my transition to eating healthy!

Lunch was ok today again I'm not really hungry these past few days when it's lunch time. I feel like if I eat something consistent it makes me sleepy in the afternoon so I try as much to stay with something light...
Had some chili that hubby made yesterday afternoon and it cooked overnight! It smelled delicious in the apartment and was very good! Love his food he is the best cook ever!

A few days ago we stopped at metro and picked up 2 passion fruits.Hubby never had them before and I have to admit that it's not a really go to fruit especially if you never tried it before! Unfortunately after 2 really (SCRATCH) spoons he didn't want to eat it anymore! so I ended up eating it all by myself.

Gym today was intense! I did one hour on the elliptical machine and 15 mins on the stairs master, and joined hubby and finished off with a 15 mins of abbs exercise Ouch! But I needed to get back in the Game!

I literally wasn't able to walk out of the gym let alone get in the car! ( we have a jeep and you need to jump up to get in- I'm short lol ). A while back I bought this eucalyptus sea salt for baths and this was the perfect opportunity to use some of it! It felt great and relaxing!

Le diner ce soir is date night!! We are going to this meat place...La Milsa and it's $30 for unlimited meat,salad and rice! Its really good and the meat is well cooked!

I hope you guys had a good Thursday!
Long weekend ahead!! :)


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