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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keep Calm and Dream Big*

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Snooze...Snooze...Snooze...Turn off alarm.. Woke up in a rush.. This cold got me going crazy! I need my sleep and I can't sleep properly at night... Neo Citron it is tonight!!
Luckily I got to work at 7:59am!lol

Breakfast was a small tapioca service 70kcal with 2 cups of coffee and 1/4 1% milk...
It was very quiet at work so I took care of some moving paper work eh oui!
Confirmed my last day of work today.. This is bitter sweet for me.. I will miss my friends and my routine habit everyday but this is a new beginning and I am only looking forward to it!!

Lunch was simple.. Wonton soup hubby picked up a subway for him..I get frustrated that men can eat anything they want and yet they don't gain A POUND!! If I would eat out everyday...I would gain so much weight...If you're a man and you're reading this consider yourself lucky!!

Since my cold is still here.. I can't workout!!! and to be honest I am starting to be comfortable with it which is not a good sign.. I decided to change my food log application which I am in love with only because I feel stuck and can't seem to loose the last 15lbs!!! I signed up to daily motivational quote and blogs!! I need to bring my motivation and weight loss determination back up where I was couple weeks ago!!!

We wanted to go for dinner today but then we opted to eat at home and keep the money that we would've spend today for the weekend..We are having home made cheeseburger.. and I am not having the bun but a organic rice cracker with it!!
bun=210kcal compare to rice cracker:50kcal!! And again this is just a moment on the lips...- Like I read today in one of those blogs I subscribed I have the ability to say yes and no..and right not I can't make any more excuses!! This is my life so that mean my choices!! I want to be healthy!!! - continuing the menu with home made guacamole and gluten free tortilla chips ( that's about 20 chips for 50kcal) and a whole cucumber cut in pieces with salt and pepper! This is a very healthy and satisfying dinner!!

For dessert we picked up some already cut watermelon (100kcal for the whole thing) for the both of us!

Getting back on track...

Have a good Thursday night..1 more day..Yes we can!!

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