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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

double whammy*

Happy Monday Wednesday everyone!!!

Felt to start my week on a Wednesday, but glad we're hump day today!
I am tired though I have a lot of things to get done since we're moving in less than a month! Today I confirmed my last day at work, I am going to miss everyone here and the city but again this is a new beginning and it's for the best!

It was so hard to get up this morning especially when I went to bed around midnight yesterday! Snoozed all the way to 7:15am…then rushed in the shower got ready even managed 3 min to sit and drink a small cup of coffee and rushed out of the door…

Work today was quiet so I was able to get a lot of paper work & calls regarding our move done… I found the perfect moving company that will do it for really cheap, I'm happy I waited.

Moving list: (items checked only)

  1. cable address  change
  2. cell phone  address change
  3. alarm system created account
  4. storage room packed
  5. winter clothes packed
  6. living room halfway packed
  7. designer meeting done

I'm halfway done and I cannot wait to be in my new place!

Breakfast this morning was simple since I was in a rush... Coffee mug ready & my 100 kcal fibre bar. Total of 150kcal

We were lazy and didn't have anything quick to make at home so we opted for Tim Hortons and got (yet again) egg salad sandwich with 3 strawberry timbits and a coffee…
Total of 400kcal

I am debating whether I should workout today because I am Extremely tired and Due to the unforeseen cold weather I didn't bring any coat when I was in Montreal and My cold is slightly coming back!!
Will see after I get home maybe I'll go later on to busy my mind... When I feel blue I turn on the Jillian Michaels podcast and it's honestly magic she is such a good mentor and a true motivator!! LOVE HER!

Dinner tonigt was a steak with a side of chatini, hearts of palm and cucumbers!! So good!!!

I hope you guys had a good night xoxo

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