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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easy breezy morning*

7:50am I'm up and awake to start this day!! Spinning class this morning was a killah but worth 45mins of pain!

The class was at 9am, I made sure to eat something before..had two hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee!
I figured out a way to boil them perfectly! Once the water bubbles up turn the fire off and Let it sit for about 10mins..tadah!!! Perfect eggs!

On our way back home from my class hubby was craving Macdonald! ( how could he ?! ) lol I got myself a medium coffee and he got himself a big fat breakfast! Lol

Got home and settled down on viber ( amazing long distance and free calls/texts with my sister from another mamah!

45mins later....

Went to Costco and loblaws and got our grocery done! They had a fundraiser for sick kids and we filled up a bag of food for them<3 makes me feel good to give back!

Lunch was half of the best smoked sausage I've ever had! It actually wa on special at Costco today $10.99 and you get about 6 big sausages!! They are already cooked and all you have to do is warm them up on the barbecue or oven we also added an organic grain mustard and a side of cherry tomato salad! Yum!

The afternoon went by very fast..we stayed in bed all day and watched movies on Netflix!

Porc curry on the menu tonight with a 1/4cup of rice!! It's been a long time!

Have a good Saturday night! Xoxo

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