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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day -3 Marathon Training*

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today is my day off! Hubby was in a meeting from 3-6:30pm and my spinning class was at 5pm! Unfortunately I coudn't make it on time, so I decided to clean up around the house.. My calorie goal was 250 today and I totally failed this one ! Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a workout I need to loose 500kcal to make up for today!

We went to bed early yesterday and I had a full 8 hours of sleep! It felt really good to wake up with energy and not feeling tired, even hubby noticed the difference!

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and 1 cup of coffee! This morning I was craving eggs but the ones that the yolk isn't cooked all the way! Loved it! I brought a banana to work for my early snack.

Hubby was kinda busy today so we didn't have lunch together.So I prepare my lunch this morning..

Lunch: Homemade burger from yesterday dinner and the guacamole.I didn't want to eat the bread because it was high in calories so I opted for a rice cake and spreaded the guacamole all over it accompanied with onions and a tomato slice. I had the burger on the side! This was again very tasty!

 must say that I feel kinda bummed that I am not going to the gym today. At least my  food log are not higher than what they should be! I am not really hungry either, I might go for something very easy that don't require me being in the kitchen for long lol

Le diner ce soir: chinese wonton soup (chicken&coriander frozen wonton + spinach + organic chicken broth) This total up around 144kcal and I might add a slice of breadon the side it but I really am not hungry! And my fave is this chocolate mousse from Jell-0 (60kcal)

Tomorrow is our Friday! Can't wait for the long weekend and the beautiful weather this weekend! xoxoxo

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