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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Humpty Dumpty day!

Morning everyone! Today I stayed home wasn't feeling good and had a annoying background migraine that didn't want to go away!

Woke up at 1pm..this neo citron is seriously good! I knocked out until then! Did me some good to rest my mind! Even kitty slept with me!

I really wanted to do some yoga today but I can't seem to focus on one thing for long! My poor brain is tired! So I decided to continue packing but at my own pace and take it easy!

breakfast was a glass of water with 1 Advil and a warm neo citron! Snoozed off until early afternoon and woke up starving! I had those already seafood platter! (180kcal) which I craved and decided to add a big tomato salad on the side! this was very good and filling!!
I also had a glass of Icy sparkling water!! Yum

Didn't have a mid day snack today.. Didn't feel hungry.. I honestly was scared to eat when I'm not hungry especially when I'm sick cause that would be an automatic vomit situation ( sorry guys!)

dinner is my favorite ;) wonton soup! This time I steamed them and added a side of bok choy!! amazingly good!!

Hope you guys had a good Wednesday! More rain to come for us!
And relax time for me with my drop dead diva! Xoxo

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