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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Drop dead diva*

I cant believe that we never tried this Netflix thing! It has so many good shows/movies! Since I finished lipstick jungle season 2 last week I needed to find something else.. I totally was going through lipstick jungle withdrawal lol

Drum roll...drop dead diva...it is!!! This show is so funny! So far so good!
Went to bed late yesterday because of it! Just saying* (lol)

Breakfast was the same as yesterday! Fiber bar with my coffee mug!
Had a cheese string for my mid morning breakfast

Lunch was a very good tuna salad and a side or oikos Greek yogurt with chia seeds all over it!! So good!

Mid day snack was 20roasted Almonds!

I don't know but lately I've been craving cheese!!! Maybe I'm not getting enough calcium and sodium! I guess tonight I'll have something cheesy!!

Dinner is: a BIG glass of 1% milk and a slice of bread with some melted cheese on it! ( a cheese string cut in a few pieces ) and a big salad on the side with raisins and almonds!! Delicious!

Workout today: 30 mins of yoga <3

Back to packing....

Have a good night xoxo

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