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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pick up the pace on Saturday!

Dring...Dring...dring... The phone ring was our alarm clock this morning.
Felt like it was never ending.. We were too lazy to get out of bed to pick up the phone lol we don't have caller Id and voicemail.. I hope it wasn't important? Lol

I was very happy to fit into my now *skinny* jeans (size29) that I fit in perfectly!!! I was so happy and kept reminding it to me!! Hard work does pay off!!
If I can do it everybody can doit!! Believe in yourselves!!

Today my to do list was:
1.Grocery shopping
3.clean the house
4.finish the laundry
5.relax with hubby
I'm starting to cough I hope that I'm not coming down with a cold!! Very Bad timing right now! I got a tons of Buckleys pills and sirop... Im ready to fight it!lol
Hubby is gone next week so I made the grocery list for myself

-smoked salmon
-chicken Broth
- gym tee-shirt ( Costco ) $14.99

I have a lot of food at home...So I'll be fine for this upcoming week!

Our main goal was to workout at least for 1hour + ! So after doing the groceries we got home and quickly changed.. I accidentally washed my headset but I was happy that it still worked! I am looking for a good pair so I can start running outside! The ones that I have keep falling out of my ears!!

My workout was easy today.. 30min on the elliptical and 15min of weights!
I tried this new cardio already set program! Today was all about pushing myself to finish my 30min! We should've went and worked out in the morning it would've been easier! To be honest with you all, Jillian Podcast is what motivated me today! Her topics are dead on questions that we keep asking ourselves and she is just Great!

Lunch was Villa Medina ( Fast Food) but they have really good low carb food!
I had a shish taouk plate (with the pita); the plate comes with a pita, rice and potatoes, taboulé and chicken...I didn't eat my potatoes but I ate the rest! After logging what I ate for lunch I still had another 980kcal to go! Not bad..

We were out and about looking for a new television for our new place...I am still looking out for a really good deal...I'll keep you posted!

Le diner ce soir was Lean pork rosted tenderloin with a side of steamed spinach and ofcourse some chatini ( you can find it's recipe in my previous blog) !

I hope you guys had a good Sunday (feels like a Sunday) Saturday!!


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