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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Samedi en soleil*

1:30am..couldn't sleep any longer! After yoga yesterday I honestly felt exhausted! It actually works! I am a bit sore but it's a stretch sore! I ended in bed reading my book ( book of Negros ) and felt asleep while reading it after my shower... Now apparently to hubby he try to wake me up a few times but I didn't want to wake up ( I honestly don't remember a thing lol ).. So here I am awake at 3am ( 2hours has past and I still can't go back to bed )! I tried all the tricks! Counting the sheep, listened to music,listened to my fave podcast ( which kept me awake because I love Jillian Michaels podcast!) drank hot milk...nothing worked..
I found this great game app hotel tycoon and started playing it! Not bad you guys should check it out!

Also didn't have any souper yesterday since I fell asleep while I was reading.. I'm sort of hungry but I'll wait for breakfast.. I'm excited about it!
Warm oats!!! :) I got some banana , organic sweet raisin and chia seeds which I'll add in the mix! Great recipe and good breakfast if you have an activity for the day! Keeps you full for a while!! Lots of good protein!

Love the beautiful sun on a Saturday morning with the strong coffee smell 2go along with it! Also this morning I walked in the kitchen and had a nice wave of flowery smell, that must be the yellow tulips I got a few weeks ago!
#smells like spring!

Today hubby said that he has a surprise for me... I love surprises but I'm curious and have a hard time when I don't know my day plan ahead especially on a saturday lol but I promised to go along with it!! I thought to myself.. I'll just wear something outdoorsy like a sweater, light jacket just in case we go for a walk or a run ,comfortable pants and running shoes!! Honestly dressed like that I can't go wrong! Lol

Turned out I have 2 surprised this weekend! :) Can't complain!!
Today was all about shopping and getting a new wardrobe (since I lost so much weight) and because I need new clothes! Everytime I have the cash on me when I'm at the mall I can't seem to find anything I like.. So all I got is a dinner dress for our cruise this June and some spring tee shirts ( turquoise and yellow ) , a skirt and a really cute beige cardigan! I figured I would wait to get myself jeans because I am still loosing weight!!

Tonight le menu is what I was suppose to eat yesterday and a bite size of rougaille ( as described in one of my previous blog ) . We are going out tonight to Maurice Nightclub ( hubby didn't mind to go out tonight ) go figure lol, I wasn't able to go for a walk but as per my pedometer I lost 233kcal walking around the mall today! Not bad!!
And all the dancing tonight will add another 600+kcal burned for today!! Yes my goal tomorrow is to loose another 500-600kcal...I'll keep you posted!

I hope everyone had a good Saturday!!



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