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Monday, March 26, 2012

Back home*

Happy Monday Everyone!

So sorry for the late blog everyone..I wrote my blog earlier on and didn't save it properly... I am exausted!

This morning I had my alarm set at 7am ...switched it off until 8am! lol Woke up got our stuff ready and packed our clothes! Went downstairs and had some coffee and the famous Montreal Bagel* If you guys didn't have one you really need to travel all the way to Montreal and have one :) It's the best bagel ever!!

Here is the link that I promised you guys:

If you guys are looking to go away on vacation, I would defenitely recommend this place to everyone! It did us some real good, the service was really good, the baths were amazing! Hubby loved everyone moment.. we are sad to be back to reality tomorrow... I wished we stayed there for another week!
Check it out..Worth the click..

I dont know where hubby got the energy to cook tonight.. He wanted to eat indian food so he is cooking up some butter chicken with rice.. Not too sure if I will have some of that.. Maybe a bite...

Tomorrow we decided that we needed to get out and play some sports!Squash it is!
We are going to book the room for 2 hours so I can work my sweat out and burn the sugar I ate these past couple days!

I started the laundry and going to jump in the shower!

I hope everyone had a good Monday*

xoxo Kisses*

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